Sonic Themed Fall Guys Level Seemingly leaked

Sonic Themed Fall Guys Level Seemingly leaked

Sonic Themed Fall Guys Level Seemingly leaked

Sonic Themed Fall Guys Level Seemingly leaked.

The chaotic battle royale game Falls Guys, released in 2020, has enjoyed a large audience, with many challengers waiting to get on its insane assault courses.

It wasn’t easy to find someone who had not taken on the game’s many platforming challenges, even before its recent switch from free-to-play. This has led to player numbers of more than 20 million.

According to a leaker, these players may be up for a new hedgehog-themed challenge shortly.

Chances are you might get the chance to chase the Rings in Fall Guys soon

Pancake, a Fall Guys leaker, posted a screenshot of the level being played on Twitter. He captioned it: “Sonicx Fall Guys level picture.” It’s called Bean Hill Zone!

Based on the name, it is assumed that the level will, if true, be modeled to look like the Sonic level Green Hill Zone.


This alleged leak comes at a fascinating time. The upcoming Sonic Frontiers has been going through a rough patch recently, as in-game footage from the title has drawn some criticism and calls for delay from fans.

On the other hand, the reaction to the leaked level image in the subreddit r/GamingLeaksAndRumours was primarily positive.

Swag kitchen liked the name and said: “Bean Hill Zone Lmao that’s fantastic,” to which another user replied, “Goes well with rolling theme too.”

User _Steve_Blake_ was also controversial. He said: “This will be better than most recent Sonic games,” while bezzlege stated: “Well, this will get you back into Fall Guys.”

Spinjitsuninja, on the other hand, was less happy and said: “Man, Bean Hill Zone again?” It’s Bean Hill Zone every time! Sega wonders how many people are nostalgic about Bean Hill Zone. !”

Whatnameisnttaken098 was inspired to offer some alternatives: “Why not Beanside Hill? Neo Bean Zone? Bean Escape? Metal Bean Egg?”

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Sonic Themed Fall Guys Level Seemingly leaked
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