GTA Online Players Tired of NPC Road Rage

GTA Online Players Tired of NPC Road Rage

GTA Online Players Tired of NPC Road Rage

GTA Online Players Tired of NPC Road Rage

GTA Online opens up the world to you. Many want money, power, or at the very least affordable petrol prices. Some revel in the glory of ruining the lives of griefers. You might even consider dressing up as Despicable Me 3’s Balthazar Brute to rob a diamond.

It’s tricky, though. GTA Online’s ultimate power fantasy may leave you feeling too big for your boots while you zip around in your crazy supercar to make more than you ever knew what to do with.

The game is now bringing you back to earth, as one participant noticed in the GTA Online Subreddit.

GTA Online NPCs will run you down, no questions asked

Bail-1999 uploaded a video showing their frustrations with GTA Online’s road conditions. He said, “I’ve almost had it with NPC traffic in the game.”

This complaint was accompanied by a video showing their character riding a motorbike behind an SUV and firing explosives at it to try to steal power drills.

However, this fearless crime was not unpunished when a random NPC vehicle drove straight through the bike’s back, sending the shooter and driver into ragdoll turns.

You don’t have to be worried. They can get back on their bikes and chase the van down.


The GTA gods have a terrible sense of humor; Our hero was rammed to the ground every time he tried to cross the busy street. This tragic tragedy will leave you wanting to see the final.

The GTA Online community wasn’t very sympathetic to bail-1999 and its comedy of errors. Firing explosives at moving vehicles as part of a robbery attempt are frowned upon in real life, with many commenters siding with the NPCs.

Roman opened the discussion by saying: “Honestly, what would you expect to see when you shoot at traffic?” Many others agreed with Ronmanex, questioning the poster for running across the main road. This is a place where cars traditionally have the right-of-way. Tsukiyon said it best: “And remaining in the middle of highway the whole time.” The entire thing would not have been possible if the bike had stayed to the side from the beginning.

What would you do if you witnessed violent murder on the motorways? Arek_PL has seen enough of such things: “Tbh. The reaction is quite realistic. You either panic back up and collide the car in the rear, or you run over the gunman by driving ahead in panic.”

Perhaps we all should adopt the casual approach of Sliced-_Bread, which refers to the end of this beautiful catastrophe: “They see my rolling’.”

If you intend to commit crimes in GTA Online, ensure you have your crash helmets on. You can find more GTA online shenanigans right here, including top beginner tips and guides on how to get the podium cars as well as the fastest cars in the game.

GTA Online Players Tired of NPC Road Rage
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