Rockstar Games Tester Reportedly Leaks Details Of GTA 6


A fresh leak from a supposed match tester has maintained the map of GTA 6 is”stupendously enormous” and crosses two primary literary towns; Vice City and Carcer City.

They stated:”I did QA testing for RDR two and GTA 6, the latter beginning pre-production at 2014, I think.

The majority of the match tester’s escape centered on the game’s map, so saying that it is so large that it makes GTA 5’s map”seem like a schoolyard playground.


The matches tester clarified that the match will feature.

What is more, the game’s map allegedly includes atmospheric effects which, based on herenthere4six,”brings out the life in every thing”.

the prologue (Set in 1978), the game’s most important narrative (Set in 1980), and the epilogue (place from the current day).

It could be the first to get a GTA game, if that is accurate.

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