Minecraft modder adds garlic bread shotguns to the game

Minecraft modder adds garlic bread shotguns to the game

Minecraft modder adds garlic bread shotguns to the game

Minecraft players are best known for their non-edible creations. These could include a futuristic cricket pitch, a replica of a real-world castle, or a faithful recreation of GTA Online’s Diamond Casino. You might be surprised to discover that some are also talented chefs.

These square chefs often work in a hot oven or Redstone-powered Kebab Machine. They create quality cuisine that cannot be copied by simply dumping an innocent pig into the lava pool.

These Minecraft Gordon Ramsays have a new mod that gives them fresh ingredients and a weapon to use to menace those who ask when dinner will be ready.

Modder TwentyWrong has named the mod ‘GarliCraft’. His previous work had brought a creepy experience into the game.

They’ve used their modding skills to bring the classic herb to the game in many different ways. All of them are quite delicious.


These two items might be good additions to your Minecraft shopping list. Butter can be used to cook any game’s milk, and garlic can be found in the wild.

You can eat each ingredient by itself, but it is better to bake bread and add them to it. This will create garlic bread, the meal of champions, and, in the words of the mod, “a really good food resource.”

Even if this is something you don’t like, it might be a good idea not to let the mods know. Otherwise, the last thing the mods add might be directed at you.

This is the ideal weapon for any culinary crusader. It’s a shotgun made of garlic bread and iron, which packs quite a spicy punch.

TwentyWrong also suggests in the description that additional garlic-based weapons may be added to the mod in future upgrades, potentially expanding the arsenal regarding methods for delicious metering justice.

Remember to give a negative review next time you visit a Minecraft restaurant. Also, don’t forget to follow us for more Roblox and Minecraft mod updates as new content is added in both games.

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