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Silent Hill: Homecoming Version Full Game Free Download

Silent Hill: Homecoming Version Full Game Free Download

Silent Hill: Homecoming Version Full Game Free Download


Review of Silent Hill: Homecoming

The character will continue to fight infernal creatures and solve the mysteries that keep his blood cold. The plot follows the same canons as the original series: the player is scared not by zombies or other undead that jump out of nowhere but by mysticism and dark rituals where people are sacrificed to the deities.

The Quick Time Event mode and the new combat system are two of the most notable innovations. Silent Hill: Homecoming is more dynamic and requires greater concentration during battles. Puzzles are still popular enough that you may need to take a notebook and pen with you and note important information in order not to be stumped by another sealed door.

The music was composed with a lot of effort. It matches the mood of the game and is very scary. You will be required to spend over an hour looking at the screen to solve the mysteries of Silent Hill, the mysterious city.


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How to install Silent Hill: Homecoming game

  1. Insert the disk into the drive and click “Install Silent Hill Homecoming” in Autorun’s menu or run the file “Silent Hill Homecoming Retail_disk1.exe” on the disk.
  2. Follow the instructions of the installer and select the folder for installing the game and the components you are interested in.
  3. If, before installing the game, you selected the installation of “Sound Fixes”, then at the end the installation program will offer you to install the Razer
  4. Surround driver. This driver needs to be installed only if the sound system on your computer is not 5.1 (you do not need to install the driver for 5.1):
  5. Install the Razer Surround driver;
  6. Go to the settings of the playback devices of your computer and set the default Razer device.
  7. Start the game from the Start menu or from the icon on the desktop.



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