New Batman Game Image Suggests Full Reveal Could Be A Long Ways Off


WB Games Montreal has selected this week to resume its advertising campaign. Nothing is official until it is official while rumors and reports assert that WB Games Montreal match is a continuation of this Batman Arkham series. What is frustrating about the problem is the fact that it feels like lovers know that WB Games Montreal is currently working on a Batman game.

Fans that are enthusiastic would agree it is well worth mentioning the match, while it’s Batman: Arkham Legacy or differently. However, it looks like WB will try for as long as you can, to remain. The detail that is key, however, is how many circles stay on the diagram. From the circle, four places are vacant while the circle has four .


These may be decorative, although Additionally, there are five circles. Fans are afraid that the diagram may signify that a week or even more per circle that is vacant show. That another 8 months of teasers to finish the diagram, also however long then it can take for the show. All to get a Batman game lovers already is currently coming.

The ring, which comprises six circles, had two stuffed in. 1 circle gets the logo that is GCPD, while the other has another logo teased ago.

WB Games Montreal started by sharing three items teasing a picture.

The picture was confusing when revealed. It seemed to be an symbol of types was a Gotham City Police Department badge.

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