How To Become a Vampire in ESO


In the MMO Elder Scrolls Online, players have several options for joining the ranks of vampires, who possess an exclusive skill line, impressive passive abilities, and the ability to feed.


Vampires are a recurring presence in the Elder Scrolls series, often appearing alongside Imperial Guards and Daedric Cultists. However, in Elder Scrolls Online, the effects of vampirism are tailored to suit the gameplay of an MMO. Despite its drawbacks, such as decreased Recovery and increased susceptibility to Fire Damage, becoming a vampire in Elder Scrolls Online grants players access to a range of unique abilities and skills that complement their existing abilities.

If players change their minds about embracing the bloodthirsty lifestyle, there are methods to cure themselves of the affliction.

Advantages of Embracing Vampirism in Elder Scrolls Online

Becoming a vampire in Elder Scrolls Online offers various benefits, including access to a new Skill Line, passive abilities, and changes in stats depending on the player’s current stage of vampirism. The Skill Line primarily relies on Magicka, but some Morphs allow players to switch to Stamina. Abilities like Vampiric Drain and Mist Form provide excellent self-sustain, while Eviscerate and Blood Frenzy are useful for swiftly defeating enemies, even when near death.

Additionally, the vampire Skill Line is leveled up through normal XP gain, meaning it levels up alongside Class Skills as players progress. Therefore, it is beneficial to acquire vampirism early on a new character.

Mastering the Stages of Vampirism in Elder Scrolls Online

As one delves deeper into the darkness of Vampirism, the effects of this affliction become more pronounced.

  1. At Stage One, players will experience a reduction in Health Regeneration by 10%, an increase in Fire Damage received by 5%, while the cost of Vampiric Abilities decreases by 6% and other abilities increase by 3%.
  2. At Stage Two, players will see a more significant reduction in Health Regeneration by 30%, while the increase in Fire Damage received jumps to 8%. However, the cost of Vampiric Abilities decreases by 10% and other abilities increase by 5%, and players will gain the valuable Strike from the Shadows passive.
  3. By Stage Three, the Health Regeneration takes a steep dive of 60%, and the Fire Damage received increases by a daunting 13%. Nevertheless, the cost of Vampiric Abilities lowers by 16%, and other abilities increase by 8%. Players will gain the essential Undeath passive, allowing them to cheat death in dire situations.
  4. At Stage Four, players reach the pinnacle of Vampirism. Their Health Regeneration is entirely halted, while Fire Damage received increases by a staggering 20%. However, the cost of Vampiric Abilities decreases by 24%, and other abilities increase by 12%. Furthermore, they’ll gain the coveted Unnatural Movement passive, allowing them to move swiftly and silently.

To attain higher Vampiric Stages, players must feed on a humanoid NPC, starting at Stage One, which lasts for four hours. However, to reduce their Vampiric Stage, they can use the Purifying Bloody Mara potion, comprising Nirnroot, Tomato, Frost Mirriam, and Daedra Hearts.


Alternatively, the Basin of Loss in the Crown Store can reduce Vampirism, but it’s only available as part of a 4000-crown pack. Mastery of the stages of Vampirism in Elder Scrolls Online requires careful balancing and strategizing to maximize its benefits while mitigating its downsides.

Ways to Become a Vampire in Elder Scrolls Online

Bloodfiend Bite

One of the ways to become a vampire in Elder Scrolls Online is by getting bitten by a Bloodfiend at night. This is a random event that occurs in specific locations, and players have to be infected with Noxiphilic Sanguivoria, a disease that can eventually turn them into a vampire.

Player Bite

Another method of becoming a vampire is by getting bitten by another player who is already a vampire. This can be done by sending a message to Zone Chats in popular areas, asking for a bite. The Ritual Sites where the bite can be performed are located in Bangkorai, Reaper’s March, and The Rift.

Crown Store

The Crown Store also offers a way to become a vampire by purchasing the curse, but it is not recommended, as it costs 1500 crowns or ESO gold when it can easily be acquired for free in-game.

It is important to note that becoming a vampire through any of these methods is irreversible and players should think carefully before deciding to take on the curse.

Delving into the world of Elder Scrolls Online vampirism may appear daunting at first, but trust us, the rewards are worth the efforts. Not only will it give you an immersive gameplay experience, but it will also offer a plethora of benefits that can enhance your overall ESO journey.

If you’re concerned about accumulating ESO gold to finance your ventures in the ESO market, fret not. To earn ESO gold you have to do multiple tasks within the game, such as completing quests, selling loot, and taking part in events. Alternatively, some players may opt to purchase or sell ESO gold on third-party websites to supplement their income.

However, it’s vital to be cautious and conduct thorough research before engaging in any transactions to ensure a secure and equitable exchange.  To should always give top priority to the safety and security of your ESO account

Wrap Up

We urge you to embrace the unique experiences offered by ESO vampirism. And remember, with persistence and careful planning, you can conquer any challenge and reap the rewards of the ESO market.

How To Become a Vampire in ESO
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