Hello Neighbor Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Free Download
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Hello Neighbor Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Free Download

Hello Neighbor Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Free Download

Hello Neighbor Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Free Download

What’s Hello Neighbor all about?

Hello Neighbor, a horror-stolen videogame, challenges players to enter their neighbor’s home and discover hidden secrets in the basement. This game is about uncovering the terrible secrets that neighbors may be hiding. The AI of neighbors is mostly very advanced and can learn constantly. They can replicate the movements of players, chase them, capture them, and many other things.

The goal is to use your brain and sneak into the basements of your neighbors without being caught. This is the fun part. Fun also includes solving mysteries that will help players find the keys to unlock the basement. Every step is fraught with danger for players. Cameras might catch players even if they sneak into the basement. Are you trying to escape? Advanced AI will track you down.

You have the option to go through the basement without being seen by the AI. You will face new traps, trials, and tribulations every time. The AI will remember your body movements and track you down the next time you get caught if you get caught. To avoid being caught, players must change their strategies.

This game has advanced AI. They can track your movements, make decisions and catch all of your information. AI can analyze all of that and come up with strategies, counter-plans, and plans to try to catch you. The AI learns more about your movements the more you fail, and the more you try again. The game is enjoyable because of the introduction of AI.


Hello, Neighbor is a game where players discover that their neighbor behaves paranoidly and has a lot of secrets hidden in his basement. The goal of the game is to find out the secrets behind the neighbor’s basement. Players will also need to solve puzzles in order to find the items needed to unlock the basement to gain entry.

Players must be careful not to get caught as they move around the neighbor’s house. If they don’t manage to escape the chase, they will be chased down and arrested. By throwing objects at their neighbors, players can stop them from being chased. If a player is caught, he will be sent home and forced to restart the game. In that instance, all points are lost.

Next round, gamers should be more cautious as neighbors already have a hint about the player’s navigation. The friendly neighbor mode can be activated by players. The friendly neighbor mode isn’t designed to trap players or chase them down aggressively.

Hello, Neighbor can be broken down into four parts. Each part consists of three acts and one final act. You will play the game from a first-person perspective. The inventory space can only hold four items. Items must be unique.



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Features of Hello Neighbor 

Dynamic Pixels are a world-class, globally renowned team of game developers who are extremely skilled at developing games, targeting kids and children. With time, they have developed games of several genres. They like to experiment with different arenas and create better games every time. Hello, Neighbor is one such interesting and engaging video game developed for kids. Below given are some of the features of Hello Neighbor.

  • Self-learning AI

Throughout the game, AI improves and tries to ambush the gamer. It explores the location, notices the movements of players, and sometimes even replicates their body movements. Players often disrupt the normal routine of AI in the game. It sleeps, eats, cooks, and sometimes goes to the woods. AI uses the same objects, accessories, and patterns adopted by the player, also for the same purposes. For instance, if a player uses a fire extinguisher in the game, the AI will do the same.


  • Open world

The game features an open-world scenario. Players can explore the raven brooks. The game sets no restrictions when it comes to wandering around its areas. Players can go to any corner of the setting. If a player tries to break into the house of an ai, it protects its house. Every player has a different story in the game. The narrative is extremely engaging and improving. The game is different for every player because each one can adopt a different approach to the game. The world of raven brooks changes as per the actions of the players.

  • Sandbox experience

Players get to solve innumerable puzzles. They have to collect various features, and items, master skills, etc., and find creative solutions to solve the puzzles. The game offers several in-game activities for players to participate in.

A survival horror stealth video game spread across 3 acts and a finale, Hello Neighbor is an impressive video game for kids, especially for its adoption of AI mechanism. Players aim to intrude into the basement of a particular neighbor’s house and unveil the secrets of the area. The game offers a lot of fun and thrill. It also has a lot of content to try out. Overall, it’s a worthy game, that would refresh your mind and entertain you thoroughly. The art style is polished and so are its graphics and soundtrack.


Hello Neighbor Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Free Download




Hello Neighbor Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Free Download
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