Exit The Gungeon Coming To Consoles And PC In Early 2020


Exit the Gungeon is a bullet hell dungeon climber after the experiences of this misfit’Gungeoneers’ and also their travel for absolution in Input the Gungeon.

The Gungeon is falling and has turned into a paradox! Equipped with an weapon, an insatiable desire to loot, along with the trusty dodge roster, our heroes each escape and have to ascend through their very own path of elevators that are perilous.


Battle from the past and most polluted of this Gundead in a hectic rate, slowing down only long enough to talk to a few familiar faces… and a couple of new ones.

Changing rooms, enemies, bosses, eccentric things and weapons all combine to make sure that no two efforts the Gungeon are exactly the exact same.

The Gungeon, is currently coming to PC and consoles Programmer Dodge Roll Games, in 2020 Declared.

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