Hardcore Mecha For PS4 Launches January 14 In The West


The PlayStation 4 variant of 2D action platformer Hardcore Mecha will start in Europe and North America on January 14, programmer RocketPunch Games declared.

Hardcore Mecha launched for PlayStation 4 in Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia at June 2019, in Addition to PC through Steam globally.


Here’s an overview of the sport, through RocketPunch Games:

Hardcore Mecha is a 2D platformer since they embark on a thrilling adventure full of beautiful, flying and shooting animations, where players pick their mecha –envision a mixture of Super Robot Wars and Metal Slug! The game includes three game modes.

The Multiplayer mode allows gamers to pick from a large number of mechas that are customizable to showcase combo moves that are freestyle and go through the hardcore battles.

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