Arc System Works Announces 2D pixel Art Action Game Code Shifter For All Platforms


Arc System Works has declared a art action game, Code Shifter featuring characters from across its franchises such as also the River City series, BlazBlue, and also Guilty Gear. It’ll start digitally for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Change, and PC through Steam January 30 at Japan to get 2,000 yen, and”shortly” from the west. It will support English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese language choices.

Here’s an overview of the sport.

Characters from the iconic Arc System Works franchises, such as BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, along with also the River City series, all match at a 2D art action game! Use all phases to be successfully adapted and finish by a 100 personalities!

Brawl With Up to Four Players


The added”Colorful Fighters” game style includes a brawler mini-game which lets up to four players to duke it out at a free-for-all! Fight CPU controlled characters at the story’s Ex Stages to unlock characters! Attempt to unlock all of 30 playable characters and triumph in epic brawling conflicts!

The narrative occurs at the development offices of a software firm,”Awesome Rainbow Corp.” Trouble appears as you are gearing up to launch the last version of this sport, lots of mysterious bugs are happening, and time is running out!

To manage this circumstance, a developer, Stella, whips up a debug app,”Code Shifter,” that let us her avatar”Sera” dip into the app and begin fixing up things. Can her colleagues and Stella be able send the match and to obtain the source of those bugs?

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